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Mark Alan

Mark's VIVIX Story

All my life my fingers and toes would turn white when the weather was cold or damp.  I don't mean pale, I mean completely white, like the background of this webpage. It didn't even have to be that cold out.  Sometimes it would happen when it was in the 40's and damp.  I dreaded winter every year because my fingers would turn white no matter how many pairs of gloves I was wearing. Then I would have to come inside and run warm water over them until little by little the color began to come back into them.  While this happened the pain was excruciating. Later they would often get swollen, crack open, and develop weird blisters that would take weeks to heal.   

In August of 2008 when Shaklee launched Vivix, I began using it every day. My wife Lisa noticed a really dramatic change in her energy level right away, and over the next few weeks she kept discovering more and more positive changes, but I really couldn't tell that much difference in my own state of health.  I did think I was noticing more mental clarity, and I found I was speaking up and "telling it like it is" more often, even when it wasn't easy, so I started calling Vivix my "truth serum".  But I had no really dramatic changes that I could tell anybody about.  

Then one day that fall, I was outside cleaning out the gutters.  The huge silver maple by our house had dropped so many leaves that the gutters were completely packed full.  It was about 35 degrees out, and cloudy.  I spent about an hour cleaning the wet leaves out the gutters.  Lisa kept wondering why I hadn't come in yet to warm up my hands.  In the past I would never stay out in the cold for that long without coming in least one or two times.  After I finished cleaning all the gutters, I got out the rake and started to rake leaves.  I still didn't come inside.  Lisa was inside scratching her head and wondering what was going on.  But that wasn't all.  After raking all the leaves I decided that while I was out there I might as well put up the Christmas lights!  By this time Lisa was watching me through the window and thinking, "The Christmas lights!  Is he out of his mind?"  She couldn't believe I was still out there.  

After about 2 1/2 hours of voluntarily working outside in the cold, I finally came in.  I was calm.  I wasn't panicking like usual.  I took off my gloves. That's when it hit me.  My hands were not white.  They were cold, but they were not white.  They were pink.  There was still circulation in my fingers, and they didn't hurt.  

It was absolutely amazing to us.  If you have ever experienced your fingers turning white like that, you'll be able to relate to what it was like when, for the first time in my life, it didn't happen.

That was two winters ago, and my fingers and toes are still not turning white.  I have also noticed that I tend to run a lot warmer in general these days.  I used to be the one who was always cold inside the house.  I was always wanting to turn the heat up.  I was always wearing more layers than everybody else. Now I tend to be warm all the time.  Sometimes I'll say to Lisa, "Do you believe I just went out to get the mail without a coat on and it's 35 degrees out?" Or Lisa wil be shivering and putting on a sweatshirt, and I'll be out in my shirt sleeves and not a bit cold.  I complain now that the comforter on our bed is too warm, and now I'm always wanting to turn the heat down.  

I never dreamed it was possible for my fingers not to turn white in the winter.  Now I have my Vivix story.  It was worth waiting for!